I have a passion for helping others. I have a passion for photography. The moment I began my business I knew that I wanted to give back to my community. The question was what fits into my life? I needed to find something I was passionate about to give back too. When Carina of Details […]

perinatal loss

June 5, 2018

Personal Passion Project – Perinatal Loss


  A palette of grays, white and browns for newborn baby boys are my absolute favorite. These classic portraits will hang beautifully in your home for years with this classic colour combination. This sweet baby boy was the perfect little model for his session. My absolute favorite thing are baby back wrinkles. These can always […]


May 16, 2018

Babies are miracles | Elisha Guest Photography


The Family Tie That Binds:     The bond of family is a strong one. I see it every day in my sessions. I watch the connection between parents as they look over at their toddler exploring the set, I see the special and precocious connection between brothers and sisters, and I witness the pure […]


April 24, 2018

The Family Tie that binds


  People often ask me how I got started with teaching parents and other caregivers how to use baby carriers. There are lots of reasons: my personal experience of the usefulness of carriers to help me meet my own needs, not just my baby’s; a desire to help the families I work with stay connected […]

Feature Local Vendors

March 19, 2018

Babywearing is magic | Anna Baker


    License to Thrill:   Have you ever switched jobs and felt like, “What the bleep have I gotten myself into? Can I actually do this?” Even when you’re following your heart, changing jobs or putting yourself in a new position can be a bit nerve wracking.   When I was starting my business, […]


February 13, 2018

License to Thrill