People often ask me how I got started with teaching parents and other caregivers how to use baby carriers. There are lots of reasons: my personal experience of the usefulness of carriers to help me meet my own needs, not just my baby’s; a desire to help the families I work with stay connected […]

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March 19, 2018

Babywearing is magic | Anna Baker


    License to Thrill:   Have you ever switched jobs and felt like, “What the bleep have I gotten myself into? Can I actually do this?” Even when you’re following your heart, changing jobs or putting yourself in a new position can be a bit nerve wracking.   When I was starting my business, […]


February 13, 2018

License to Thrill


When Vadna Ward learned that she was pregnant, the upcoming birth of her baby was soon on her mind.  After witnessing her sister’s experiences with both a chemically managed birth and a natural birth, she decided that natural birth was the best and most healthy choice for her and her baby. As an ultrasound sonographer, […]

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February 9, 2018

Hypnobirthing with Marie Berwald


When is the last time you looked at the pictures on your phone? What about the phone you had before? These days, it’s all too easy to snap a picture but sadly, it’s  just as easy to forget about it. This is the blessing, and the curse, of digital—photos often get snapped off and forgotten, […]


January 25, 2018

Timeless and Tangible: Why Archival is Best


  Babies are beautiful — but when you see a birth announcement with a beautifully posed and coiffed little one —  have you wondered how they could look so serene? It really comes down to having a photographer that knows the art of posing and the skills to keep your little angel calm.   Here […]


January 19, 2018

Baby Posing for Newborn Photography is an Art and a Skill